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My love for this craft stems back to when I was a child growing up in Puerto Rico. Of the many fond memories I have of the island, one I cherish the most is getting up in the early morning and combing the beach with my mother to find sea glass and pieces of pottery. I will never forget the feeling of the sand between my toes, the smell of saltwater in the air, and the warm breeze washing over us. On good days, we wouldn't stop until we had whole buckets filled with sea glass. We would always get so excited whenever we found a rare color or a flawless piece--there's something about it that still thrills me to this day!


When I was a bit older I dabbled in jewelry-making as a hobby; at the time it was just something to enjoy myself with. Now, many years later, I'm delighted to be able to combine two of my favorite childhood pastimes into a small business. Each piece of sea glass that I use has been hand-picked by either me or my family on our beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, which gets affectionately crafted into a fine piece of art. I hope you enjoy these simple gifts of the island as much as I have.

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