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About Me

César’s passion for the art of sea glass traces back to his formative years in Puerto Rico. Among the nostalgic recollections from his island upbringing, one holds a special place in his heart – the early morning beachcombing expeditions with his mother, scouring the shore for sea glass and sea pottery. He transformed his artistic inclinations into a hobby, initially a personal source of enjoyment, eventually leading to Silver Coquí Sea Glass.

Over the years, César has combined two beloved childhood pursuits into a thriving small business. Each piece of sea glass in his creations is handpicked by either himself, family, or friends along the shores of Puerto Rico. These carefully selected pieces are then artfully transformed into exquisite simplicity pieces of art, a testament to his dedication to craftsmanship and appreciation for his roots.

Currently serving as the President of the International Sea Glass Association (ISGA), César takes immense pride in his role, further cementing his commitment to the sea glass community. With great pleasure, he invites you to revel in these simple yet meaningful gifts from the island, hoping that they bring you as much joy as they have brought him. 

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